The very first idea of walking tours is simply to explore the beautiful, intact nature of Slovenia. Our plan for most walks is to discover the foothills in the Julian Alps. The walks we organize explore the sunniest places in Slovenia and can be organized all year round (spring, summer, autumn, or winter walks).

 Every season has its unique advantages:  the blossoming meadows with many rare mountain flowers in spring; the long hours of sunshine tempered by the cooling breeze in the hills. Summer is also best for exploring waterfalls and river canyons. Autumn brings amazing colours in the woods and hills when the forests turn red and yellow, it is the most beautiful time of the year. It is also the best time for mushroom picking. Winter is very nice when everything is covered by snow. But the walking in that time of the year is a little bit more difficult, so it is appropriate for those in really good physical condition.

Our walks are moderated by length and difficulty. They are mostly planned through woodland with well marked paths and upland meadows up to nearly 1800m and generally include up to 1000m ascent, which would take a 4-5hour easy walking including stops. Some walks involve steady uphill for nearly 2 hours, but the reward is great in terms of view. We also rest for refreshment in a mountain hut, enjoying some domestic Slovenian food. Before the walking please make sure if you are fit enough for this kind of activity. We are offering you the most varied and the most beautiful walking surrounded by intact nature in Europe.


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Walking tours

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Slovenia walking holidays for all seasons. On the sunny side of the Alps!

Walk difficulty and fitness levels





Our accompanied walks are of moderate length and difficulty. Most of the walks are on well marked paths and tracks, through woodland, upland meadows and on high rounded hilltops (up to nearly 1700m). The paths are generally good, but some are steep in places as we are in the foothills of the Julian Alps. To enjoy the accompanied walks we recommend that you are comfortable walking in hilly areas at a steady pace for around 6-7 hours each day (including rest stops). Walks generally include around 600 metres ascent (on one day up to 1000 metres ascent), which involves walking steadily uphill for sometimes several hours - but the rewards are great in terms of views, and there is usually a mountain hut for rest and refreshments at the top of the longer ascents! Generally one ascent will take you to a flattish area where the views are spectacular, and from there the rest of the walk is quite level and then in descent. If you don't regularly do day walks in hilly terrain, please ensure you are fit enough to enjoy the walking programme by doing some aerobic exercise and hill walking prior to your holiday!


This is walking in Europe at its most varied and beautiful.




In Slovenia we have so many good rivers just right for the nice exciting flyfishing.
In Slovenia we are very proud of the Marble trout (Trota Marmorata), which is the biggest Trout and is also the biggest challenge for flyfisherm
We are also proud of Hucho Hucho (Danubian salmon), which is the closest relative to the (Mongolian) Hucho taimen.

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