fly fishing on river Soča

The Soča river is 136 km long. It is known for its emerald (green-blue) colour. The upper part of the Soča river is managed by the Slovenian Institute of fishing, the lower part is managed by Fishing club Tolmin. This river might be the culmination of a fly fisherman’s wishes. The water is so clear that sometimes you feel like fishing in salt water. You have to be patient and cautious not to frighten the fish, because they can easily see you. No doubt, this place makes you a better fisherman. The Soča river is particularly known for its Marble trout, which is also the biggest trout in the World. The biggest Marble trout was caught in 2007 and it was 122cm in length and 22 kg in weight. Besides the Marble trout, Adriatic grayling, European grayling, Rainbow trout, Brown trout, cross breed can be found in the  Soča river .





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